İslam –A General Picture

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Muhammad Hameedullah

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Sayfa sayısı: 152
Boyut: 13x19,5 cm.
ISBN: 9757560421
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İslam –A General Picture AÇIKLAMASI

What is Islam? Who can give a better answer than Muhammad, Prophet of Islam, peace be on him, himself? In a celebrated report, recorded by Bukhari and all the collections of Hadith, it is mentioned as follows: In the last days of the life of the Prophet, one day an unknown visitor came to see him and put to him four questions: What is iman (faith), what is Islam (submission), what is ihsan (best method), and when will come the end of the world? As to the faith, he rephiedL One should believe in God, in His heavenly agents, in His books (or:prescriptions), in His human messengers (or:prophets), in the Dooms day and in the fact that good and evil, all is determined by God.
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